Truth-Tellers:Radical Empathy through reading and writing poetry

“It’s not that the words of a poem are true, but they get at the undergirding truths.”    Elizabeth Alexander

Poetry demands curiosity and courage to perceive our world with nuance and multiple points of view.  We will read poems that startle us out of habitual responses and inspire us to write our own surprises. Both new and seasoned poets are welcome to join a small supportive group to experiment together.

Give voice to unknown parts of yourself. Through visualisations and meditations, we will explore free “Rites” finding language for the unexpressed.  We will explore techniques to craft these into more polished poems.

When: 6 Fridays 19 Feb- 26 March 9:30-12:30 in New Brighton

Tuition: $200/ $ 180 DP members

Contact Laura: to enrol.

Facilitator—Laura Jan Shore is the author of the historical novel, The Sacred Moon Tree and poetry collections, Breathworks, Water over Stone, which won IP Picks Best Poetry 2011 and Afterglow, Interactive Press 2020. She has taught creative writing and mentored writers for 40 years. President of Dangerously Poetic Press, she has co-edited 12 poetry collections. She earned her MFA in Poetry from Pacific University in 2019.