Byron Bay Dreaming

July 1, 2010  |  Poetry Prompt

Laura Jan Shore

Have you ever dreamt of a cabin in the rainforest with its own waterfall and natural plunge pool, with an abundant garden and mountain vistas?  Imagine being alone to write, uninterrupted.

Mystery Falls was the paradise I retreated to, in 1996, on the North Coast of NSW far from the frenzy of NY state.  Cocooned in my study, I read and wrote poetry until dawn.  But as the years passed and I found myself reading aloud to the resident carpet snake in the rafters and declaiming verse over the roar of the waterfall, I began to feel a bit mad!

The competitive world of many poets vying for a few awards and places in literary magazines seemed alien and far away.  To the thrum of cicadas, I rocked in my hammock on the veranda and conjured up an imaginary community of poets sharing favourite books, offering supportive feedback, even forming a collective poetry press to market each other’s work.

This vision drew me down the winding dirt road back into town to organize a monthly poetry reading at the local bookstore.  In 2002, with ten founding members, Dangerously Poetic Press was incorporated.

Now we’ve published nine books, offered monthly readings and cabarets, workshops and competitions.

I have found my family, an intimate circle with a shared passion for beautiful words.

With our new-look website and blog, we open our arms beyond our idyllic community of Byron Shire. Inviting you to connect, offer comments, experiment with our poetry prompts or join an online poetry circle.  I had to leave  the forest, but you can have it all —  a lonely cabin anywhere in the world and an online family of fellow poets!

We will be providing poetry prompts each month to inspire you to write.  You can send your  results to us via our contact page and we will publish the poem we find most successful in response to each prompt.

Read the Poetry Prompt #1.


  1. The new look DPP site is very clean and stylish with loads of potential to connect the community of writers far and wide. I loved the poem by Laura ‘To Failure’.
    Congratulations and best wishes

  2. Thanks, Fiona, for inspiring the change….