Without hope, without despair

April 12, 2011  |  Uncategorized

Write every day, without hope and without despair. Isak Dinesin

The goal is : words on the page, but if the inner critic or what’s worse for me, the inner pusher surfaces then the words are freighted with hope and despair, usually at the same time!  That’s when I write faster, trying to outpace the critical voices. I find writing is like inertia.  It takes a while to get a flow happening and then it is equally difficult to stop.  Often the first few pages of words are just a warm up and won’t yield anything polished.  But that warm up is essential to get to the real writing.

Like warming up at the gym, the inertia can make those first pen strokes as difficult as pumping weights.  I remind myself that I will feel much happier if I push through.  I recall that creative high when images arise and a sense of focus begins to fall into place. When I finally push through that despair, suddenly my pen is skimming along.  From the spillage, I might find a few lines that serve as an armature for a poem or  a metaphor helps me to refine what I  want to say. Robert Frost said that people who don’t understand metaphors are a danger to society!  The ability to find connections between two disparate things and express this through an extended metaphor expands our perceptions.

The best way I know to keep writing is to be part of a support circle of other writers.  These trusted friends can give feedback and encouragement.  Above all, the deadline of having a piece ready for the writing circle fires me to keep writing and polishing.  That’s why Dangerously Poetic decided to offer a monthly poetry circle every 2nd Weds. at the Wheel of Life in Brunswick Heads at 1 pm.

If you are in the area, come along and join us.

PS  If you haven’t had a response when contacting us through the site, please try again. We think the problem has been solved.

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