Byron Bay Writers’ Festival is Passionate about Poetry!

May 17, 2011  |  Uncategorized

I have attended every Byron Bay Writers’ Festival ( this year August 5-7)  since the first intimate one in 1997.  Each year I delight in the opportunity to hear a wide variety of authors on a myriad of subjects. Poetry being my first love, I make it a point to go to all the poetry night events, master classes and other poetry options.  I’ve thrilled to hear some of the finest Australian and visiting poets over those 14 years.  But not surprisingly, poetry at the festival seemed eclipsed by the big name musicians, politicians, actors and other celebrity speakers. For me, there was never enough poetry.

This year Dangerously Poetic made our usual wish list and above all wanted to raise the profile of poetry at the festival.  We spoke with Candy, the new director and she encouraged us to pursue a grant for a poetry chill-out tent. We were successful and received monies from The Sidney Myer Fund so we could have an intimate space for readings and live chill out music for the whole three days of the festival.

We also are co-sponsoring the Dangerously Poetic Byron Writers Festival Poetry Prize.  This will be awarded at a 2 hour poetry reading session in the performance tent on Sunday.  This event will showcase many of the remarkable poets invited to the festival interspersed by live music.

In addition to these events, a poetry night on Friday and on Saturday, a special performance, Poetry of Passion with Kamal will be offered.  In short, it will be a mini-poetry festival within the larger festival and should satisfy even the most dedicated poetry lovers.

Early Bird tickets are still available.  Don’t miss out on this festival of poetry…  See you there!

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