After the holidays, how to reignite the poetry?

January 7, 2013  |  Uncategorized

The infant is stillborn.  I gaze at its waxy skin, translucent blue lips, tightly curled fists. Is it shock, grief, or curiosity that prompts me to touch the rubbery limbs and bend them? A shudder startles me.  A finger moves, eyelids flutter.  Its alive!

But could it be viable having been abandoned for dead?

I’m clutching my tear stained pillow as I awaken and realize, its  my “dead baby” dream again.

Holidays have great recuperative powers, but when I’ve abandoned my writing for too long, I get cranky. I lose my confidence.  That’s when the “dead baby” dreams surface.

So how to transition back into my writing groove?

I dance and paint; all non-verbal creative play reignites the poetry.  The word “play” is the operative one as I have little invested in my ability to paint or dance— unlike poetry, the craft I’ve honed for almost 40 years. At play, my inner creative is sparked. Words arise, phrases, lines and I’m off….

It was this need for spontaneous play that inspired Nathalie and myself to offer DAY SPA FOR THE SOUL.

Using gentle movement, painting with inks, massage, meditation and poetry, we will fall in love with our marks and words on the page.  This special women only group will run on Wednesday, the 16th of January from 10-4 pm. For more info, click here or contact me.

Meanwhile, put on a tune and dance!

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