“…Marrying the sacred to the world…”

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As American poet, Linda Gregg, says,  “To write just because the poet wants to write is natural, but to learn to see is a blessing. The art of finding in poetry is the art of marrying the sacred to the world, the invisible to the human. “

Australian poet, Cate Kennedy, has well-honed the skill of “finding” and “marrying the sacred to the world.”

Yes, Cate Kennedy is a poet!   To all the surprised looks when I say it, may no one miss this fact.

Cate writes across genres with enviable skill.   Heralded for her short stories, Dark Roots, Like a House on Fire, the Mexican travel memoir, Sing and Don’t Cry,  and her novel, The World Beneath,

Cate was and still is, an award-winning poet.

From being chosen in the Five Islands 2001 new poets series, Signs of Other Fires which won the Vincent Buckley Poetry Prize, to her second collection Joyflight, IP Picks Best Poetry 2004, Interactive Press, and the latest collection, Taste of River Water, Scribe, which won the Victorian Premiers Literary Award, Cate’s command of the poetic ear and eye is undeniable.

This is why we are delighted she has agreed to be the judge of our Dangerously Poetic 2013 Byron Bay Writer’s Festival Poetry Prize. Her accessible poetic style, both down to earth and yet transcendent, is one we admire.

Ordinary Miracles is the theme of our poetry competition and our forth-coming anthology for 2014- We invite poets to write up to 40 line poems. Poetry is best equipped to find language for the ineffable, numinous moments we all experience.

“The spiritual mind is always metaphorical. Spiritual thinking is poetic thinking. It’s always  trying to put a very diaphanous experience into words, realizing all the while that words are inadequate”.—  Sam Keen

Co-sponsored with the 2013 Byron Bay Writer’s Festival, the winners of this competition receive a 3 day pass as well as $500 for first prize and $100 for second. They will be invited to read the winning poems with Cate on the Saturday afternoon at the festival.  The winning poems will be published in our next anthology, to be launched mid-2014.

So start scribbling…. the deadline is 7th of JUNE.  Download the entry form on the home page.




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