What is a political poem?

April 25, 2019  |  Uncategorized

In today’s fraught political atmosphere world wide, everything is political!

My passion for wildlife and trees is political. Love of humanity? Political!

How to write a political poem that’s more than just a rant? The object of poetry is to speak the truth and to touch hearts and move people.

One of my favourite political poems was written by a young woman just before the Russian revolution.

“I know the truth – give up all other truths!”   by Marina Tsvetayeva

I know the truth – give up all other truths!
No need for people anywhere on earth to struggle.  

Look – it is evening, look, it is nearly night:
what do you speak of, poets, lovers, generals?  

The wind is level now, the earth is wet with dew                                
the storm of stars in the sky will turn to quiet.

And soon all of us will sleep under the earth                                         
we, who never let each other sleep above it.

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