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Taking your poem for a walk!

July 7, 2011  |  Uncategorized  |  Comments Off on Taking your poem for a walk!

Fog hides the mountains as a wafer of winter sun gilds the valley.  I have just returned from a retreat in the Glasshouse mountains, rested and re-inspired to walk my poetry.  Being away from the computer was a great relief except when I was revising lines of poetry.  I had to fall back on an earlier habit of taking the lines with me as I walked and repeating them aloud with each step.  It soon became obvious where the clunky rhythms were. Where the poem speeds up, I would quicken my pace.  Repeating the words as I walked, I noticed changes I was intuitively making. Weak points were suddenly obvious. The poem evolved and I delighted in the wild ducks and black swans, the changing hues of the mountains as the day progressed.

When I walk alert to poetic possibilities, I notice so much more.  With my notebook handy, I jot down images, smells, tastes, textures, sounds.  These may not weave into anything immediately but later when I reread my notes, I often find connections that gradually to grow into a poem. Away from my desk, touched by nature  all my senses are heightened. When poetic lines arise, my experience can be shared and expanded. A day spent walking in nature with my poetry is one of deep joy.

If you want to walk with your poetry, enjoying stillness and the power of the circle, please join us for

Embracing the Wind, nourishing our connection to nature and our place in it.  Relax into the sounds of the sea, the bush, music and beautiful words. Enjoy simple Qigong movements, mindfulness moments , journaling. A time for silence, a time for sharing.

This one day retreat from 9:30-3 pm will be held in Brunswick Heads on Friday, the 22nd of July. Early bird discount ends Weds!   Click here for more details.