• Poetry about Change from Byron Bay and Beyond. An anthology of poetry by 19 Northern Rivers poets. “We follow this river to the most surprising and rewarding places: the frustrations of an alien trying to make Earth friends, the touch-deprived loneliness of an Easter Island statue, the wolves who evolved into whales, fallen trees and fresh saplings, failing marriages and remembered lovers, an Egyptian tomb and a rainforest retreat, a night at the ballet and a lifeless body on the beach, curved muscles and soft membranes … This collection delivers what we hope for when we open any book of poetry – to be moved and shaken, reassured and unsettled, amused, uplifted, disrupted. To be left with something to remember. To be changed.” – Alan Close.
  • Poetry about Truth and lies from Byron Bay and Beyond. An anthology of poems by 24 Northern Rivers Poets. “Dangerously Poetic continues in this wonderful collection to cultivate the art of writerly insight and the joyful discipline of poetry among our local community of poets.” Melissa Lucashenko – From the Foreword.
  • “Powerful poetry, so rich in imagery, so in tune with our times...” – Richard Jones. “Beginning with the question, What If, and continuing through Kali declaring in Lilith’s voice, Hear me, I make no mistakes, these poems express a life dedicated to the Divine in the mundane…” – Kulavadhuta Satpurananda.
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