• SOLD OUT Poetry from Byron Bay and Beyond “From the mad energy of Lel Sebastian’s razor-sharp From an old Hindu poem in the new Tom Robbins through the deftly handled tonal shifts and savage wit of Melissa Lucashenko’s Remembering Blackboys to Janice Bostock’s exquisite haikus and minimalist lyricism, and through every shade between, this anthology is a vibrant reminder of how, as Peter Porter has noted, poetry is both language lit up by life, and life lit up by language.” “What do we look for in poetry? We look for poems that move the heart or tickle the intellect or both. We look for rich and exotic language, for new and unusual images that illuminate, in a flash, some human meaning. We look for poems that establish, all over again, the connection between the Word, the Image and the Heart. This anthology provides all these pleasures and more.” Shirley Walker.
  • by Beverly Sweeney “There is a quiet strength in these poems, words forged in the fire of long experience.” Max Ryan. “A whisper of silk threaded with steel,” Bev’s description of a ballet dancer could also describe Bev. She’s courageous enough to be vulnerable on the page. With no sentimentality, she explores family ghosts… Bev dares to invoke memories of abuse with a deft touch that reverberates deeply but at the same time – offers hope and healing. And through out, there is the dancing.” – Laura Jan Shore, from the launch speech.
  • “Powerful poetry, so rich in imagery, so in tune with our times...” – Richard Jones. “Beginning with the question, What If, and continuing through Kali declaring in Lilith’s voice, Hear me, I make no mistakes, these poems express a life dedicated to the Divine in the mundane…” – Kulavadhuta Satpurananda.
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