• Poetry about Change from Byron Bay and Beyond. An anthology of poetry by 19 Northern Rivers poets. “We follow this river to the most surprising and rewarding places: the frustrations of an alien trying to make Earth friends, the touch-deprived loneliness of an Easter Island statue, the wolves who evolved into whales, fallen trees and fresh saplings, failing marriages and remembered lovers, an Egyptian tomb and a rainforest retreat, a night at the ballet and a lifeless body on the beach, curved muscles and soft membranes … This collection delivers what we hope for when we open any book of poetry – to be moved and shaken, reassured and unsettled, amused, uplifted, disrupted. To be left with something to remember. To be changed.” – Alan Close.
  • “In All the Way Home, every poet sings a fresh note. From the lyrical elegance of Max Ryan’s award winning poem Jim, through to John Bird’s deeply moving tanka sequence, blunt bayonet and Kathryn Boorman’s bone-raw elegy, Chuc Mung Nam Moi, this anthology deftly explores the terrain of our homeward journeys.” – Graham Nunn. Away from home, tired and jaded in my hotel room, I read All the Way Home: I was refreshed, transported and moved beyond thought. “My strategy: savour one poem each day, for seven weeks. When I finish? Begin again.” – Jeni Caffin, Director, Northern Rivers Writers’ Centre and Byron Bay Writers Festival.
  • “Powerful poetry, so rich in imagery, so in tune with our times...” – Richard Jones. “Beginning with the question, What If, and continuing through Kali declaring in Lilith’s voice, Hear me, I make no mistakes, these poems express a life dedicated to the Divine in the mundane…” – Kulavadhuta Satpurananda.
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